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New Chain Hoist Tools for users of Vectorworks 2014

Chain Hoist Tool and Commands

This is a set of commands used to display and manipulate data associated with chain hoists that may be indicated on the drawing and a tool to place chain motors on the drawing.  Of particular interest are the ability to create an editable worksheet of the data connected to the chain hoists in the drawing, the ability to display the X and Y offsets from a user defined point, and the ability to change the 3D display of the hoists based on their orientation, i.e. motor up or motor down, and the length of the chain displayed based on the listed trim and rigging point height.

The idea for developing a PIO and macros for chain hoists, commonly known as chain motors came from Joe Golden and Andy Wise.  C. Andrew Dunning, who uses my AutoPlotVW macros for creating light plots recommended that they contact me.  At first Andy and Joe just wanted a simple script to place X and Y coordinates on the plot.  But soon the "what ifs" started rolling in.  It soon became clear that a basic suite of tools would be useful in developing drawings that had chain hoists in them.  Joe and Andy started using tools as they were being developed and have been making suggestions all along.  Andy Dunning also has been helping evaluate the tools, and his symbols provided the idea to use a simple extrude to represent the chain.  As always my good friends Stan Pressner and Steve Shelley also lent their experience and opinions to the process.  Hopefully you will find these tools useful, and will acknowledge their contributions should you be lucky enough to meet them.

The Chain Hoist Tools collection is SHAREWARE. After a trial period, if you find the tools useful you are expected to register your name and pay a registration fee of $35. There are reduced registration fees for current users of AutoPlotVW and AutoPlot Tools for SpotLight.

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Link to John McKernon's web site and Lightwright.

Link to Julian Carr's web site handy macros for MiniCAD both commercial and freeware.


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Changes to Chain Hoist Tools for VW 2014 and later